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Here's what your score means:

If you scored:

4 - 7: Toxic Overload!  Your score indicates that your body has more on it's plate than it can handle and would greatly benefit from a cleanse.

2 - 3: Toxic Load.  Your score indicates that your body is on a toxic teeter totter.  Your toxic load is on the verge of becoming an overload, and if not taken care of now, sooner or later will lead to malfunction and disease.  Your body would greatly benefit from a cleanse.


0 - 1: Toxins Managed.  Your score indicates your body is currently managing it's toxic load.  The key to quality health is supporting your body so it can continue to maintain that healthy function and prevent illness.  Therefore, your body would greatly benefit from a cleanse.

There are tens of thousands of toxins surrounding us on a daily basis.  They are found in our food, environment, air, water, household cleaning supplies, beauty products and more.  We ingest, inhale and absorb them.  When the amount of toxins coming in is more than the body can process and eliminate then they end up getting stored in our fat cells and tissues.  Over time they weaken bodily systems leading to illness, lowered immunity and increased stress.

A whole foods based cleanse not only supports your body in eliminating toxins, it also nourishes the body.  This typically leads to improved weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, clear skin and a feeling of vibrant well-being.

Cleanse your body, mind and spirit for a vibrant and youthful appearance.


Sign up for the challenge today if you want radiance & vitality through a unique and easy way

of learning and action over 28 days!


Awesome Benefits!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to easily lose weight, feel energized and see yourself as radiant and beautiful? 

Absolutely!  Learn about balancing hormones and boosting metabolism to give your body a jolt of new life and bring a glow and youthfulness to your skin.

Wouldn’t it be great to sleep well, have clarity & focus and enjoy life to the fullest?

I’d love it!  Nourishing your body & spirit with foods, herbs and techniques like the Habit Loop & Simple Surrender will allow your body to gently release toxins and promote vitality.

How does this cleanse work?

1. Each day you will log into your personal member page and access the challenge.

2. There are daily 5-10 minute videos plus handouts throughout the 28 days which take you step-by-step through the cleanse.

3. The cleanse includes recipes, menu planning and tips for simple and easy food preparation and more.

4. There are additional supplements that you will need to purchase which will be discussed on day 2.

5. The best results show up when you make the commitment to yourself and follow through.  We make it easy for you!

Week 1: This is your pre-cleanse. It is about preparing yourself, body and mind, for what’s ahead so that you will have a smooth and pleasant experience. This week you will start reducing certain foods and beverages, learning about hidden toxins lurking in plain sight and doing a self-assessment of how they affect you. You’ll also receive a set of recipes, meal planning guide, plus tips and tricks for easy meal prep. The emphasis will be on food shopping, preparation and purchasing supplements that complement the cleanse process. 


Weeks 2 & 3: You will be on a cleansing foods meal plan these two weeks.  It’s important to remember This is NOT a starvation cleanse.  During these 2 weeks you will be eating healthy, nourishing whole foods that will energize your body, reduce inflammation and gently detox the liver, kidneys and bowels.  We address how to deal with cravings, boosting your metabolism and creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime. The other important thing to note: You do not have to clear your schedule or take 2 vacation weeks to hide in the house to cleanse.  This is a GENTLE cleanse program and the focus is on healing and nourishing the body.  You can still go to work, take care of the family, and participate in fun activities.

Week 4: Post-Cleanse and reintroduction of foods.  You will learn the best way to slowly reintroduce other foods into your diet allowing you to see how the body responds to them. In the end, you will know which foods help your body thrive, and which ones deliver a whammy and throw you out of commission for hours or even days. Once you have completed this cleanse you’ll have a new understanding of how food fuels all body systems, from digestion to nervous system and anything in between. Now you can make smart choices when it comes to eating thus supporting vitality and radiance.

Ready, set, go!

This is the best and easiest way to make cleansing fun and enjoyable with a step by step guide to

achieve great health and feel amazing. 


How awesome would it be to know you have resources at your fingertips that help you feel relaxed & happy anytime?  

We teach you secret weapons that cleanse the body and mind to feel exuberant & joyful. Discover how to manage day-to-day life with ease through processes like the Settled Mind & Manifestation Mojo.

More reasons to take the challenge:

  • We share our top 5 recipes for radiance 

  • 3 brain booster secrets

  • Learn 5 tricks to boost metabolism

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Vixens & Veggies Cleanse 28 day Challenge $75




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