Share Your Abundance!

One of my favorite things to do on a daily basis is a quick check-in of how much abundance is flowing through my life. It can be very easy to forget at times. Especially during times of stress or months when money is tight.

~ Where thought goes, energy flows.~

When we’re stressed out, worrying, fearful or overwhelmed our thoughts tend to go on autopilot and focus on everything that is NOT working. Focusing only on the lack and that which is difficult throws us into scarcity mode. The problem is, if we continue down that path we only create more of what already ‘is’.

To slow down that negative thought train

barreling 100 miles an hour down the track to StressVille we need to take small steps to slowly put on the brake so we can switch tracks and head back to HappyVille.

That’s where the abundance check list comes in handy. Starting simple is the key. Look at the areas of your life that are abundant with beauty, love, joy, and creativity. Take 60 seconds to list the things that are abundant in your world this moment, everywhere you look.

There is or I have an abundance of:

Laughter in the home

Flowers blooming all around

Nutritious food in my kitchen

Clothes in my closet

Beautiful beaches surrounding me

TIME to…. Finish that novel, be artistic, cook yummy meals, play with the kids, cuddle with my honey

It’s easy to get lost in what’s not working and daydream about the time “when I have more time, more money, etc…I’ll do this.”

That joy, abundance, time, creativity will only show up when you allow it, choose it and make space for it to be.

There is ALWAYS an abundance of wonderful things surrounding us in every moment. Take a moment to shift your focus and really look at ALL the glorious things you have available right at your fingertips!

Please share with a picture, we would ALL love to see what is currently abundant in your life.

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