Meditation: Yay or Nay?

We have heard about the benefits of meditation and are interested in practicing. Yet it is an elusive little thing. We sit down, maybe even in a pretzel-like position, and try to talk ourselves into quieting our mind. It may work for a second or two and then thoughts come rushing in about what we need to do, where we need to be, who is asking for our attention, on and on it goes. Sometimes, we can gently bring our focus back to quieting our mind just to have another set of thoughts pop up.

Sound familiar?

So, it seems only natural that after umpteen attempts to quiet our mind we just give up and decide that meditation is not for us.

Not so fast. It seems expectations are too high and understanding is insufficient.

An easy way of moving into meditation is to practice awareness. You may be outside in your backyard or on a hike. Maybe you are doing dishes or you are sitting at a red light. Wherever you are, take a moment and really be present: what is around you? Pay attention to the colors, people, animals, sounds, etc. What does it feel like to stand on the ground, sit in the seat, have your hands in warm water? How is your emotional state in that very moment? Take it all in and be with it for a moment.

Awareness is the first step to change. Practice it and in no time you’ll be able to do other forms of meditation. We know it’s important. Take it from someone who knows:

Tony Robbins, who meditates every day, said ‘If I don’t have 10 minutes to myself, I don’t have a life.’

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