Judgement Call

Every day we are surrounded by people. We meet them in the coffee shop, at work, in the restaurant, in the grocery store, the airport, and other places. Sometimes we pay attention to them, other times we even don’t notice them. When we do pay attention, have you noticed how quick we are to judge?

We see a mother with 2 rambunctious kids and think she can’t control them. The elderly gentleman with the cane may solicit our compassion because we think he is frail and therefore probably also kinda demented. The shaggy looking teenager can’t be trusted and soon will end up on the streets.

It is amazing what our mind comes up with. Our ego leads us to judge so that we can feel better about ourselves; it makes us believe that we ARE better. Is it true, though?

Well, you probably have heard that when we judge another person we just judge ourselves. Yup, that criticism of others is our own. That’s a downer. The energy we use/spend on judging others is not a nice one. Often it is even downright negative and nasty. That’s a downer. We simply don’t know enough about the person we are judging to be negative.

The mother may have gotten really bad news and is so consumed by her distress that 2 rambunctious kids seem like nothing compared to what she has to deal with right now. The elderly gentleman may be in recovery from surgery and is a brilliant professor. And the teenager could be an A-student, who just got awarded a full scholarship to a nice college.

Our mind comes up with amazing things. Next time you catch yourself judging someone, remind yourself that you don’t know enough to be negative and then create an interesting story around this person. This is a great game to play in places like the airport or other areas where there are people around and time to spend.

You may be surprised at how your energy shifts and how these strangers can actually elevate your mood. And if you are brave, you could go and talk to them to find out a thing or two about them 😉

When we believe that most people are good the world will be a better place.

It starts with us.

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