Go Go Go or Ho Ho Ho?

Christmas is only 10 days away and I am wondering how most people are dealing with this time of year.

For me, winter is always a time for slowing down, reflection and going inward to contemplate the new year. I enjoy sitting by the fireplace, reading a book or poem, listening to music and sipping a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

I am careful in my shopping for presents and don’t buy into the ‘go go go’ of the season and must haves of the year. My preference is giving and receiving gifts that come from the heart. Often those are the gestures and actions most people wouldn’t consider gifts per se. Like a friend spending an entire day with me to help rearrange my house. Now, that’s a present I won’t forget! And we had fun, too.

How are you doing around this time? A little stressed, or a lot? Running around for last minute presents, errands and trying to make everything perfect? In my eyes, perfect is highly overrated. Nobody is perfect and nothing HAS to be perfect. However, there are moments and experiences that are perfect and they often have components labeled imperfect. And that's perfectly fine ;)

Enjoy pleasant company, slow down a bit. Savor the flavor of the season and transform this time to a feeling of ‘ho ho ho’.

Wishing our readers Happy Holidays filled with joy, peace and happiness.

To your joyful journey,

Nicole & Birgit

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