Gifts of Extraordinary Times

When dealing with unprecedented situations, it is easy to get stuck in fear and worry. It is not helpful; it doesn’t benefit us one bit. Particularly when we are in a situation that we can’t do anything about to make it go away, it is best to relax and be present. Focus on what you CAN do, what you do have, what you can improve or change and let go of what is out of your control.

Nature is such a great example. She doesn’t care what is going on. She just keeps doing what nature does…in all its glory. Look around, you’ll notice the beauty that’s always there. Savor it and appreciate that you are a part of it. Draw strength from the never-ending cycles our planet provides. She is old enough to know what works best.

Often those exceptional times make a lot of wishes come true. “I wish I had more time for my family, I wish I could work from home, I wish my family would hike with me, I wish I had time to write that book, create classes, be creative, I wish, I wish, I wish.”

If you just had an aha moment it would be wise to be grateful and to seize the opportunity. I am certain, from here on out you will be more specific in expressing your wishes. Remember you are a creator, the creator of your own life.

What if we also returned to our nature of BEING and started less doing? What if we looked at the incredible gifts this situation brings instead of focusing on what is off-kilter? What if we are being presented with incredible opportunities? What if we returned to the things that really matter instead of being busy and distracted all the time? What if we enjoyed the calm and mellow energy around us instead of the constant go, go, go we seem to live in these days? What if we started taking better care of ourselves? What if...

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