Energy Magnets

As you move through the day you have many different interactions with people. Conversations with co-workers, caring for family, communicating with your partner, managing traffic and other drivers on the road, engaging with the grocery store cashier, waiting in line at the post office and so on.

Every day you come in contact with a myriad of people. Each one of those people has their own emotions, concerns, stresses, anxieties, and fears. As you interact and engage with all these different energy beings you can also pick up a lot of their stuff.

We are all energetic beings with an electromagnetic field that radiates 1-3 feet from our bodies. When we come in close contact with people our energy fields also mingle together. For example, have you ever been in a great mood, happily going about your day and then out of the blue find yourself feeling grumpy, cranky, irritable, anxious or stressed for no reason?

Many times this is simply you absorbing someone else's energy and emotions. When you are out and about in the world, not present to your day or surroundings it is easy for other people’s stuff to stick on you. By the end of the day, this can leave you exhausted and/or feeling overwhelmed.

How do you avoid becoming an energy magnet? A great technique you can do in the morning before you leave the house, even before you get out of bed is to create a protective energy shield. This only takes 3-5 minutes.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Sitting on the floor, in a chair or lying in bed. Take a few deep long breaths in and out. Let go of all thoughts. Let them drift by you like clouds moving across the sky. Feel energy moving through you from mother earth, up the soles of your feet, through your body and to the top of your head. Give it a color (white, pink, ultra violet, blue) if it helps you visualize easier. Now see this light grow and begin to surround your body like a big bubble.

This shield protects you from anything negative, stressful, toxic or unwelcome. Inside this bubble shield is where you feel protected, centered, happy and energized. Quietly say, “Thank you for this protection.” To close, take one last big inhalation and exhalation and open your eyes.

If you notice a lot of up and down mood swings through your week try this every morning for one week and notice the difference in how your day flows.

Energy Shield Exercise from The Empaths Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD

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