Are you going into the New Year with your glass half full?

We are just past the holidays and we can say from experience that you most likely feel one way or the other. With everything going on in the time from Thanksgiving to New Years, it can leave us kinda breathless and overwhelmed. Even though, for most, the holiday season is lovely, it can leave us


Exceeded (budget)

Expanded (waistline)

OR we can be

Excited about a new year, a new start

Exploring new opportunities

Expecting joy, peace, love, success, etc.

Where do you fall? Do you fall into one group or the other? And it is perfectly normal to have mixed feelings. Maybe you recognize that this has been the case every year for a long time and you wonder if it could be different? Often, we base these feelings on circumstances, almost as if we didn’t have a choice.

Sure, circumstances change and with those our feelings and outlook change to. However, how about deciding about what you want to see, feel, experience? Instead of being a passenger choosing the driver seat and taking an active role in designing your life. Why not become the purposeful creator of your life?

It starts with intention.

You have heard that what we focus on is what we get more of, yes? So, right now, set the intention to have a better outlook. Expect the good to come to you and take small steps to make that happen.

A positive outlook not only gets us much further, it is also much more fun. Like what I saw on FB. It made me chuckle and I agree whole-heartedly with this recommendation: ‘If you see your glass as half full pick a smaller glass and stop whining’ 😊 That’s a good solution. Right?

Then the question is, how does one change their outlook? Believe me, I (Birgit) know that it takes time and effort; I once was quite a negative person. Now I shudder at how I felt back then and what my life was like.

15 years ago, I made the serious decision that I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I wanted more from life and knew that I had to change to make that happen. Remember the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. So, change is necessary to create better results.

Yes, I repeat time and effort. Yet, it is not nearly as bad as it sounds.

Start small. For example, you could pick one thought you go to by default and it typically upsets you somehow. Maybe you get angry when somebody zips by you on the right side on the freeway just to cut into your safety space between you and the car ahead of you.

Whatever situation/feeling it is, set the intention to change it.

Try having compassion for this person. You don’t know why s/he is doing it. They are certainly not doing it on purpose to upset you. They may have a good reason for their hurry and dangerous behavior.

When it happens to me, I send out thoughts of patience and protection. Now, I haven‘t messed up my mood, my blood pressure stays normal, I just keep cruisin’ and having a good day.

In the beginning, you probably will start feeling upset first and then remember your intention. That is just fine; you can simply change your thought then. It is perfectly normal to slip into old behaviors. What is important is catching yourself and that takes practice.

Over time you will find that you’ll catch yourself earlier and earlier. And then one day, getting upset is just a thought in the farthest crevices of your mind. You’ll most likely smile and give yourself the proverbial pat on the back.

You deserve it, too! You did it! Be proud of yourself and celebrate this success. On to the next thought you want to change. So, we can say we change our lives one thought at a time.

On your new path, keep in mind that we never know enough to be negative.

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