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So happy you are here

Hello from Birgit & Nicole.

Listening to women with love and compassion in our hearts is our Superpower!

Our own personal journeys have taken us down many paths of personal growth through the years.  We see these experiences as gifts for an opportunity to grow and expand.  It is these transformations that allow the confident & dynamic woman within to shine bright.

Build a killer immune system with

5 Essentials

Your mission, should you accept it, is to eliminate fear of getting sick

and create a killer immune system in 30 days or less

so that you can generate Kick A** health for the rest of your life.


Having Kick ass health is about having a life full of

fun, adventure, activity, happiness and play!


This is not a sit in your saddle online course!

It is a hop on the horse, take action experience

that delivers results moment to moment.


Sign up for the challenge today if you want vibrant health & vitality through a unique and easy way of learning and action over 30 days!

The Challenge starts January 16, 2021

What people are saying...

"I love the feeling of being confident in my body because I have the tools to keep my immune system strong ongoing."

"This course has made such a difference in my life.  I took it to improve my health and avoid getting sick, but I gained peace, clarity, more joy and tons of energy to travel and start new hobbies."

" This course was amazing!  I learned so many new tips on how to reduce stress, get better sleep and I feel healthier that I have in years." 

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