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Journey Within to Peace & Power

The Mini Experience

If you are a woman feeling stressed and overwhelmed thinking that there is no end to this craziness, and craving peace, freedom and a strong sense of accomplishment, then join us for this inspirational and healing weekend.

Retreat away to a beautiful private residence in San Diego, CA 

August ​15 & 16, 2020


To keep everyone safe and to comply with CDC regulations, we  keep this event extremely small and will spend the majority of time in the shady backyard. 



Sitting in your comfiest clothes, you gaze at the lush landscape and listen to the natural sounds like a soft trickle from a bubbling fountain. Breathing in and exhaling deeply, a broad smile spreads across your face. Finally you're here, redesigning your future!


At last, a weekend for reconnecting with the dynamic woman within, releasing old patterns that no longer serve you and creating new ones that allow you to gain clarity and generate abundance and prosperity with ease.


With a big sigh coming from deep inside, you think to yourself once again, "OMG, at last I am not alone in this!"

The Benefits

"How empowering would it be to feel abundant in all areas of your life?"

That would be fantastic! While we're together, you will be guided through a series of 3 powerful processes including the Block Buster and 5 Element Clearing. Become confident about what you want and how to get it.  

"Wouldn’t it be amazing to escape and be free of your worries and burdens?"

 You bet it would!  Through a creative project like designing your own personal Mandala to help relax the mind, provide clarity, and focused intention, you’ll discover how to create moments of peace and replenishment.  


"How great would it feel to recharge your batteries through emotional connection and laughter after so many months of isolation?"

That would feel wonderful!  We help you create a new vision for your future by guiding you through a fun vision board activity.  Giggle away, as you enjoy this time bonding with like-minded women.


"Wouldn’t it be exciting to have simple solutions to easily release stress and anxiety?"

That would be awesome!  You will be introduced to simple tools, like the Focus Wheel and Crystal Connection to help release resistance and refocus your thoughts in a more positive direction.


"Can you imagine how fantastic you will feel after two days of nurturing your soul?"

By the end of this experience, you will feel peaceful and rejuvenated. You will go home with a new sense of abundance and joy that is easily attainable.


Enjoy two days in a relaxing and comforting single family home in San Diegan suburbia. A roomy living room and private, spacious backyard amongst lush trees will be your playground.  Absorb the healing energy, fresh air and peacefulness of this beautiful setting. 



How would it feel to sit in a circle with like-minded women sharing a meal of delicious, fresh food? 

Sharing meals with others is one of the most enjoyable social experiences we can have and it has been proven beneficial in many ways.

Despite vast restrictions, we are able to serve fresh food lovingly prepared and packed in a professional kitchen. Single serving size snacks and bottled or canned beverages will be available throughout both days. 

Your safety is our highest priority and has influenced our food choices.

What's Included  

  • 2 days at a private residence in San Diego, CA

  • 2 meals, plus light snacks and beverages provided throughout the day

  • All supplies for classes & activities, handouts, pen and paper for note taking

  • Special gift at the end of the retreat!

What's Not Included

  • Transportation to and from the retreat

  • Overnight accommodations

  • Face mask 




How many people will be sharing the home at this retreat?

There will be a maximum of 5 participants and 2 hostesses. Our goal is to create an intimate setting that gives women the opportunity to relax, connect and share with others in a safe and healing environment.​

What type of food will you be serving? Will you accommodate allergies & food sensitivities?

Yes. We will make accommodations for allergies and food sensitivities. We will send additional information and inquire about your needs when we get closer to the event.  There will be two lunches provided. Snacks will be available during breaks, along with non-alcoholic beverages, served all day.  Vegetarian options are available. ​

Does the facility have WiFi?

Yes. We will ask that participants turn off their phones during the day while we are participating in workshop activities. Although we completely understand that you may need to connect with family or have work obligations that cannot go unattended for a day, we suggest you do your best to clear your weekend so you can get the most out of your retreat experience.

Will you organize carpooling for us?

If there are women interested in carpooling to the retreat we will organize an email list to put you in connection with one another. It will be your responsibility to organize a carpool with other participants.

What time are the arrival & departure times for the weekend?

Morning check-in is at 9:00 am on both days. We will complete each day by 4:00 pm.​

What do I need to bring?

Your mask. Comfortable clothing (think something you would wear to lounge in the backyard), layers of clothing. The wind can be unpredictable and warm/hot days can become cool with the ocean breeze. Comfortable shoes (like sneakers and house shoes), medications if any.

Do I need to bring any materials for the workshop?

We will provide all the notebooks, pens, and supplies.​

What kind of activities will we be doing?

We aren’t going into details because we do not want to give away the magic of the retreat. All activities are directed towards self-care and self-love. Never anything scary or embarrassing.

Is there any smoking allowed on the property? 

No. It is strictly a non-smoking property.

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