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Kiss Colds & Flus Good-Bye...for Good 

5 Essentials to Building a Killer Immune System


3 Day FREE Online Challenge

February 1,2,3 at 1pm (PST)

  • Discover the secret weapon technique that takes only 30 seconds to stimulate the release of endorphins and boost immunity.

  • Get simple and effective tips and activities you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that make a profound difference in your health even during challenging times, including a pandemic.

  • Experience abundant energy, better sleep, radiance, amazing vitality and impeccable health.


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What others are saying

“The challenge is organized systematically into do-able daily steps designed for success.  The wealth of information with a potential for improving and enhancing one's present and future health--one's life--is amazing.”  
                          - Sumaiyah, Kick A** Health Challenge Participant


“Thank you for caring and doing easy to grasp tips about the immune system during short sessions. The lessons were concise, simple exercises that your students could easily complete.”  

                          - R Parry, Kick A** Health Participant 

What you'll learn in this challenge

We introduce you to the 5 Essentials to Building a Killer Immune System. This goes way beyond taking vitamins and supplements and helps you build a solid foundation so that those pesky germs can look for a different host than you.


You’ll get an introduction to 

  • The awesome power of your immune system

  • How to keep anxiety and stress low

  • Which kind of movement is essential

  • What deep breathing can do for you

  • How sleep benefits the brain 

  • One powerful simple trick to maximize your digestion


You’ll learn how all of this relates to your immune system and what it needs to become and/or stay strong. 


At the end of the challenge, you will have some formidable tools for preventing the cooties and other malaise. 

You will be more confident and optimistic about your health so that you can have more peace and joy in your life. 

Register for the challenge here!

Hosted by
Birgit Witherspoon, HHC & Nicole Stone, LAc

Birgit is a holistic health coach, nutritionist and intuitive.  Nicole is a licensed

acupuncturist and herbalist, specializing in women's health, gynecology and

fertility.  Together they have more than 35 years of experience helping

thousands of women in their private practices to transform their health.


They have each had their own personal and/or health journeys to navigate

through in their lives. And they understand very well the commitment, love and compassion that goes into physical, emotional and spiritual healing.


Their mutual passion for Eastern medicine has led them to deeper studies of meditation, martial arts, qi gong, yoga and more.  Their personal journeys naturally brought them together to teach and lead workshops for all the wonderful women who want more from their life.


Their commitment is to educate and support women along their journey to amazing health, self-confidence, beauty, love and most of all, a Joyful Heart.

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