Journey Within to Peace & Power

A Retreat for Creating a Life of Love, Confidence and Self-Care


This retreat has been

postponed,we look forward to retreating with you in 2021!


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If you are a woman feeling stressed and overwhelmed thinking that there is never enough time in a day, and craving peace, freedom and a strong sense of accomplishment, then join us for this inspirational and healing weekend.

Retreat away to a beautiful two story Tudor home on 40 acres in the foothills of

Palomar Mountain, California, May 29 - 31, 2020.

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"Lounging in your comfiest clothes, you gaze through the window at the distant peaks as the sunset paints the sky in stunning hues of orange and pink. Breathing in and exhaling deeply, a broad smile spreads across your face. Finally you're here, redesigning your life!


At last, a weekend for reconnecting with the dynamic woman within, releasing old patterns that no longer serve you and creating new ones that allow you to find yourself and step into your power.


Later, sitting in a circle of friends again, you sense their collective, loving support. You listen to their stories, and they listen to yours. You share and laugh and learn together, making new discoveries, trying out new tools for growth, and envisioning exciting new lives.


With quiet tears of joy running down your cheeks, you think to yourself once again, "OMG, at last I am not alone in this!"


The Benefits

"Wouldn’t it be amazing to create a new you after so many years focusing on career and taking care of others?" 

You bet it would! While we're together, you will be guided through a series of 5 powerful processes including the Well Woman Wheel and My Ideal so you become clear about what you want and how to get it, designing a future filled with joy and ease.

“Wouldn’t it be exciting to have moments where you can slow down & take time just for yourself?" That would be awesome! Through creative projects like designing your own personal Mandala to help relax the mind, provide clarity, and focused intention, you’ll discover how to create moments of peace and replenishment.

“How good would it feel to move through each day with less stress, worry or overwhelm?"  I only can imagine!

You will learn and apply “The Rules of the Mind” and a process called “The Work” to re-train your subconscious mind, helping diminish worry and overwhelm and allowing for peacefulness and balance to become commonplace.

“How amazing would it be to have a simple tool that can shift your energy from blah to Ahhh in minutes?" That would be fantastic! You will be introduced to simple tools, like the Emotional Tone Scale to help release resistance and refocus your thoughts in a more positive direction, creating a quick shift in your overall energy and mood.

“How great would it feel to be able to take time for yourself without guilt and still be productive?"  Wonderful, just wonderful! You will develop a new outlook about time and learn a powerful way of accomplishing those never-ending tasks freeing up space for guilt-free self-care, leaving you rejuvenated at the end of each day.

By the end of this retreat, you will feel grounded, peaceful and rejuvenated. You will go home with a plethora of tools in your Well Woman Basket to continue confidently along this
new-found path of time awareness and self-care.

Enjoy a weekend getaway in a relaxing and comforting two-story Tudor home tucked amongst lush trees and overlooking 40 acres of rolling hills with beautiful views for miles.  Absorb the healing energy, fresh air and peacefulness of this majestic setting. 

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A Variety of Accommodations

You’ll retreat away from the city in beautiful Valley Center, only thirty minutes north east of Escondido, in the sprawling foothills of Palomar Mountain.  It is a smooth and easy sixty minute drive from downtown San Diego and yet you will feel like you have escaped into a secret paradise.  

As soon as you drive through the grandiose gates, magically opening as you enter this charming property, a feeling of peace and calmness washes over you. Passing through the canopy of trees gives you a sense of clearing away the responsibilities of daily life, leaving you exhilarated and excited about new possibilities.


Indulge in a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or a glass of wine at the end of the day while watching the sunset from the lovely outdoor patio overlooking the serene property. Delight in the many areas within the home and outdoors that are peaceful and quiet for gathering, meditating, journaling or just taking in the scenery before we begin the day’s activities. 

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At the end of the day adjourn upstairs where a comfortable bed awaits.  Whether you choose the fun & chic dorm setting, the tranquil semi-private suite with spa bath or the private queen, good rest is assured.

The Cuisine

Scrumptious marvels of delicious food from a variety of local, organic farms prepared by our own chef. 


Throughout the weekend, you’ll enjoy deliciousness on each plate, leaving you satisfied and satiated. 


Fresh and simple is the motto. Don’t be fooled, though: it means enticing, tasty morsels that leave you asking for more, like savory herb roasted pork tenderloin eliciting mild aromas of rosemary, thyme and sage, accompanied by a flavorful apricot sauce. Your watering mouth is keen to savor a medley of farm fresh vegetables going perfectly well with a dollop of butter on top heavenly rich mashed sweet potatoes. 


A variety of divine chocolates paired with a glass of elegant wine or a succulent mocktail round out the evening. Enjoy notes of apple, papaya and possibly pineapple in your cool Chardonnay or perhaps you’ll appreciate the deliciousness of cherries, blueberries and jam in a glass of Zinfandel.  Maybe a glass of Virgin Mojito makes your tongue tingle with lime and mint or you’ll favor the strawberry and pineapple flavors of a Pineapple Cobbler.  Whether you’ll love white, red or mocktails, cozy up for dessert by the fireplace.


Mouthwatering combinations of the most delectable, fresh veggies paired with high-quality proteins and wholesome sides, make perfect dishes to nurture body and soul. 


Vegetarian? No problem! Just let us know and our chef will accommodate your needs with delightful creations.


More Benefits...

You will be so happy, finding out how easy meditation really is and how many ways there are to meditate. We’ll teach you breathing exercises and meditations that take little time and have a big impact on your health, joy and overall energy.

Through a powerful vision journaling process, we will show you how prioritizing your health, well-being, dreams and goals benefits everyone around you in positive ways.  When you focus on bringing more joy to your life, you become more resilient and exuberant impacting everyone around you and creating  a trickle effect. 


During your free time on the 40 acre property you will have the opportunity to stroll amongst groves of trees, relax next to the pond or recline in one of our antigravity chairs and receive a balancing acupuncture treatment.  Throughout the weekend we will also guide you through a series of mindful moving activities like qi gong which help the body release tension, let go and get grounded. 


Relax, explore, make friends. Laugh, have fun, connect.

Find your tribe, the pillar for maintaining your momentum.  Get ready for an unforgettable weekend that you will remember for years to come. 

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What's Included  

  • 2 nights lodging at Oak Creek Manor in Valley Center

  • 7 meals, plus light snacks and beverages provided throughout the day

  • All supplies for classes & activities, handouts, pen and paper for note taking

  • Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap will be provided in each bathroom

  • Bed and bathroom linens

  • Special gift at the end of the retreat!

  • A few little fun surprises sprinkled throughout

What's Not Included

  • Transportation to and from the retreat



Birgit Photo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Birgit Witherspoon, HHC

Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, Intuitive

Birgit is a very sought after Holistic Health Coach who has guided hundreds of women who struggled through different areas of their health make positive changes without using all will power or self-discipline.

Her motto is “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” She adopted this saying when she hit rock bottom, going through a divorce, over-training in Martial Arts, and having a ‘great job’, that didn’t fulfill her.

Birgit determined change was necessary and refocused on her passions. Working full-time on the West Coast, she chose to go back to school...on weekends...on the East Coast. Although, it was a huge inconvenience in her life, she loved every minute of it and emerged from her training as a holistic health coach a new woman with confidence, purpose and a passion to help others heal and revamp their lives.

Her profound knowledge of the workings of the subconscious mind paired with her keen intuition, are Birgit’s secret weapons in guiding her clients to change that is much easier than they ever expected.

Nicole Stone, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist & Herbalist


Holistic medicine has intrigued Nicole from a young age and her journey into the world of martial arts, herbal medicine and acupuncture meridians began at age 19 when she was introduced to her first mentor.  Through the years she has studied with many teachers and has developed her skills as a healer, business woman and public speaker. 


Her biggest adventure after completing acupuncture school was to go to Australia for a year to study Natural Fertility at the Jocelyn Center in Sydney and travel around the country. Nicole’s adventurous spirit comes from her favorite motto, “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway!”  She realized that if she waited until people were free to travel with her or go into business with her that there would be a lot of waiting and leaving her creative ideas and dreams in someone else’s hands. 


Over the past 20 years Nicole has built a thriving acupuncture practice, helped countless couples conceive beautiful happy babies and has shared her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with her community through workshops, corporate health talks and community wellness events.


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How many people will be sharing the home at this retreat?

There will be a maximum of 15 participants and 5 staff. Our goal is to create an intimate setting that gives women the opportunity to relax, connect and share with others in a safe and healing environment.

Will I have my own room during the retreat?

All rooms are shared rooms. Three women per room, except for one room that has 8 twin beds. There is one private room with a queen size bed.  You will have the opportunity to choose your room at registration.

Do I have to share a bathroom?

Yes. There are a total of 5 1/2 bathrooms. We will provide ample time in the mornings and evenings for women to shower, dress and prepare for the day.

What type of food will you be serving? Will you accommodate allergies & food sensitivities?

Yes. We will make accommodations for allergies and food sensitivities. There is a section on the registration page where you can list the details of any food sensitivities you may have.
We have a personal chef who will be cooking for us throughout the weekend.
There will be two breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners provided. Snacks will be available during breaks, along with coffee, teas & water, which is served all day.  We will be serving well balanced healthy meals that include meat proteins, vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. Vegetarian options are available. There will be some wine and chocolate available for an end of the day treat.

Does the facility have WiFi?

Yes. We will ask that participants turn off their phones during the day while we are participating in workshop activities. Although we completely understand that you may need to connect with family or have work obligations that cannot go unattended for 3 consecutive days, we suggest you do your best to clear your weekend so you can get the most out of your retreat experience.

Will there be any private time when we are not together as a group?

Yes. There will be breaks throughout the day & evening for you to have down time to chill out in your room, on the outdoor patio or walk around the property. There are two living room areas which also allow space for relaxing, reading and having some quiet time.

Will you organize carpooling for us?

If there are women interested in carpooling to the retreat we will organize an email list to put you in connection with one another. It will be your responsibility to organize a carpool with other participants.

What time are the arrival & departure times for the weekend?

Friday morning check-in is at 8:30 am. Sunday we will complete the day by 1:30 pm.

What is being provided for me?

All bed linens and bathroom towels. We will have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash available in each bathroom.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothing (think something you would wear to lounge on the couch), layers of clothing. The weather can be unpredictable and warm/hot days can turn into cold nights. We strongly recommend adding a warm jacket. Comfortable shoes (like sneakers and house shoes), your usual toiletries – no need for make-up though, medications if any.

Do I need to bring any materials for the workshop?

We will provide all the notebooks, pens, and supplies.

What kind of activities will we be doing?

We aren’t going into details because we do not want to give away the magic of the retreat. All activities are directed towards self-care and self-love. Never anything scary or embarrassing.

Is there any smoking allowed on the property?  No. It is strictly a non-smoking property.