I feel confident when...

" I put on my favorite dress and a pair of strappy sandals.  I love the feeling of joy that radiates within as I walk down the street and feel it twirling and swaying around me.  I'm just all smiles."  - Nicole

" I'm out on the trail, just me and my horse, feeling the peaceful serenity of nature and the pure joy and freedom to be." - Birgit

Birgit is a holistic health coach, nutritionist and intuitive.  Nicole is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, specializing in women's health, gynecology and fertility.  Together they have more than 35 years of experience helping thousands of women in their private practices to transform their health.


They have each had their own personal and/or health journeys to navigate through in their lives. And they understand very well the commitment, love and compassion that goes into physical, emotional and spiritual healing.


Their mutual passion for Eastern medicine has led them to deeper studies of meditation, martial arts, qi gong, yoga and more.  Their personal journeys naturally brought them together to teach and lead workshops for all the wonderful women who want more from their life.


Their commitment is to educate and support women along their journey to amazing health, self-confidence, beauty, love and most of all, a Joyful Heart.

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What we love... 

Using our superpowers to bring you unforgettable transformative experiences through

online courses, workshops and retreats.

Bringing together all the knowledge, processes, tips and tools we have gathered through the years into a beautifully packaged program.







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