Jul 10, 2021 - Aug 6, 2021

Not Yo Mama's Meditation

Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Get in-tune and grounded and manifest your big dreams with ease. Sign up for the challenge today if you want more peace, love and serenity through a unique and easy way of learning and action over 28 days! Awesome Benefits! How amazing would it be to discover that meditation can be short, sweet and a lot simpler than you ever imagined? Yay, that would be awesome! Through easy mindfulness exercises, you’ll learn to become grounded and flow through the day with newfound calmness. Wouldn’t it be great to have more clarity, energy and joy each day? Yes, I would love it! We’ll share with you a myriad of different styles of meditation ensuring you’ll walk away with at least a handful of practices that you really click with. The Pink Bubble Visualization, Mandala Art and Drumming Mantras are just a few that will release tension and increase focus, love and peace. Ready! Set! Go! This is the best and easiest way to make meditation fun and enjoyable with ever-changing styles sure to fit every type of personality. How good would it feel to move through each day with less stress, worry and overwhelm? That would feel amazing! You’ll be excited to find these moments of meditation profoundly improve memory, mood and overall health. Just 5 minutes a day keep the stress away. More reasons to take the challenge: We share our top 3 anywhere, anytime meditations 3 Meditation secrets Learn 3 simple steps to balancing chakras


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