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Pink Bubbles

Babes, Bliss & Bubbles

A day of wellness, fun & inspiration!
Join us for a little champagne, fun socializing with fabulous women, and exciting activities to revitalize your body & mind.

Saturday, June 10th, from 1 to 4 PM

4305 Gesner St. Suite 219, San Diego 92117

Cost $99
includes snacks, champagne and other non-alcoholic beverages, and all materials

What’s included:

  • Create your own mandala to manifest your dreams and goals for 2023

  • Experience simple self-care tips for everyday use to keep your youthful appearance

  • Relieve stress through a calming acupressure meditation you can do anywhere and anytime

  • Learn an easy technique to quickly release negative emotions

  • Gifts included


The Benefits:

  • Reducing stress and tension for more relaxation, happiness, and improved productivity

  • Gentle healing and transformation that boosts energy, and attracts more abundance and success

  • Feeling empowered to go for your dreams

Be prepared to float away on cloud 9.
Feel younger, lighter, and radiant.


Birgit Witherspoon MS, HHC

Owner of b balanced.  She is a holistic health coach, nutritionist and certified toxicity & detox specialist.
Nicole Stone MS, LAc 

Owner of Remember to Breathe Health Center.  She is a licensed acupuncturist & herbalist, specializing in gynecology & fertility.

Birgit and Nicole have 35+ years of combined experience as holistic practitioners.  During this time, they have helped thousands of people with chronic pain, auto immune, digestive issues, and infertility.  

They are passionate about what they do and the people they work with because they’ve been there.  Both have had periods of tremendous stress in their lives that took a toll on their health.  When it came to a breaking point, each began making changes by incorporating meditation, better nutrition, and other techniques to get a handle on stress and improve their well-being.

Birgit and Nicole know this journey can have its ups and downs and that it is easier when you have people along the way who say, “been there, done that”.  

No matter how many years you have been struggling, you can always turn it around. 

For questions or consultation email

Some of the highlights of this class:


You will learn how to use art as meditation. Focusing on a creative project not only calms the mind and relaxes the body, but it also allows you to manifest what you want next in life.  Your goal can be small or big, and you will have the opportunity to set an intention that aligns with it.


This is a very powerful process that we have both used to manifest goals in our business, relationships, and other areas of life.  We are excited to share this process with you and promise it will be fun.


You will also discover an easy & simple three-part process, which includes self-massage, acupressure and breathing exercises to reduce minor wrinkles.  The results are a more youthful appearance and a radiant glowing energy in your face.


We promise giggles & laughs, relaxation and a fun place to hang!

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